Thursday, October 20, 2011

UFO Wed winner.

Winners of the UFO Wed. Draw this week are  Karen & Mary!!

Karen was busy working on a lovely bag on Wed.!

Mary brought up a table runner to assemble and worked on a table topper.

 IT was a lovely sunny day and cookies and tea were enjoyed as we worked away on our projects!

 It is always so much more fun to share sewing time with others and seems to help advance the completion of those items.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

UFO Wed.

Another busy day! sewers,shoppers, and visitors!

One visitor dropped by and her home town is Squamish! It was great fun meeting Grace!...Grace visits Houston on occasion as she has family living here so we hope she will beable to join us for a UFO Wed. And a Quilters Day Out at the Library!..Grace is a member of a Quilting group in Squamish and brought in two exciting and beautiful Quilted items.

Betty visited the little shop for the first time also! Welcome!! I hope she visits again some time on a UFO Wed.

Karen was busy working on a lovely Quilted Bag, and Airiyel stopped by and did some sewing also! Granddaughter Mettea hung out and enjoyed the cookies and juice!

Everyone who dropped in were eligible to put their name into the UFO Wed. Draw,...

The winner of the draw this week was Mattea...and Ena!(Mattea who is only 2 was happy to share this weeks prize!)

The draw prize was .25 meters of fabric from the discount fabric table! congratulations Ena!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tomorrow from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm!, Bring your projects to works on, or just stop by to visit and have a cup of tea! ..and Put your name in the UFO Wed. Draw just because you came!
Hope to see you tomorrow!  Pamela

Thursday, October 6, 2011


UFO Wed saw 6 people attending today! Karen was busy sewing on a new project for herself on her Brand New Sewing Machine! With the guidance of Deb and myself she was soon becoming familiar with all the new features of her modern new sewing machine! Ya Hoo! Go Girl go!

Kim dropped by and showed us her beautiful Horse Wall hanging she has made for a was gorgeous! The Horse was leaping out of the frame of the wall hanging...very effective!!  She also showed us the next two projects she was going to begin and we had fun helping her select her fabrics! 

Deb dropped by and helped Pamela arrange the next quilt that Pamela will be working on. Deb did an excellent job of arranging the feature blocks on the design wall and we picked out the border and slashing fabrics so I should be able to begin sewing the quilt blocks tomorrow!

Coralee and Susanne dropped in and  visited with us all. Susanne selected some blue flannel for backing on her next project! ..We hope she will be able to find her sewing machine soon as due to reno's in her home.. her house is pretty Topsy Tervey! Soon! Soon! it will all be finished and she will have her sewing space back!

Airieyl stopped by and sewed up a awesome cute little Trick or Treat bag for Mattea to take with her trick or treating this year.  Quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, she had the fabric bag cut out and sewn pattern was used! 

And to top it all off the Delivery Man brought 10 boxes of new fabrics!  Wow!

A jammed packed fun afternoon of  chatting, sewing and sharing of ideas and pearls of wisdom were had by all! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Colours are Here!

The brisk fall air lingers late into the day now, and the night time air has a sharp bite to it.

The Squirrels are scampering to fill each nook and cranny with cone seeds, and building a nice soft nest to rest in during the long winter months!

From my little studio window the signs of fall are evident !

Time to choose and plan my Christmas Quilting Projects! ...and YES...Finish some from last year!!

The new line of  Christmas Fabrics both in prints and batiks along with the Santa Panels have my imagination whirling with excitement!

UFO Wed. should be a busy and hopefully productive day!

Drop in and see what we are doing if you wish!

Supper King in "Black and White!"

This Awesome Quilt was made by Kim! ...she asked me to quilt it for her as  it would have been quite a task quilting it on her home sewing machine as the finished top measured out as a Supper King size ...measuring a 13.50 ft. in width, and aprox. 14.5 ft. in length!

Kim had a quilting design picked out and I just had to follow the ideas and go with it!

 On the wide "black on black" print that bordered the quilt top,bottom and sides, I chose a free motion geometric style design that was both fun and quite effective!

It was a real pleasure to have the experience of quilting this quilt!

Kim with her completed quilted top!

All Quilted!

Free motion Geometric design on the wide borders top,bottom and sides.

A Beautiful Butterfly stopped to take a closer look and have a little rest!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

UFO Wed. Starts again!

Bring your machine , your ideas, or just come up for a visit and tea!

Cozy up to the fire and enjoy!