Thursday, January 20, 2011

UFO Day Produces Results!!

Several ladies gathered together in the Studio Wed. last..some staying to visit and enjoy tea or coffee, some to plan their next projects.. or how to complete others!

It was defiantly Karen's production day as after several years of not quilting, she came in, sewing machine in hand ..UFO tote in tow and by the end of day had finished piecing, then sandwiched..and quilted her table runner!!

She will return home she tells me and put together the remaining 6 placemats that go with it, and come back on the 20th. of January to quilt  them and perhaps put the binding on her table runner!

Way to go Karen!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking for a way to Use up your fabric stash?

Consider joining the "Mama's Block of the Month Club!" by Atkinson Designs.

This Block of the month sampler quilt is designed with the advanced beginner to intermediate quilter in mind!

Each monthly pattern sheet has clear instructions for rotary cutting and machine piecing..along with "Mamas" shortcut methods.

Each block pattern includes extra background so it can be trimmed for a perfect fit when the quilt top is assembled!

Each month receive the pattern for a block.

Some of the  Monthly Pattern  sheets include a yummy the the recipe for Mama's Fudge! Mmmm yummy and oooo so easy and good!

You can either purchase the pattern sheet each month..or purchase all the pattern sheets at one time!

This quilt will look great made with any fabrics! Vintage prints...Batiks..Asian..Cozy Country..what ever is your personal preference!

If you want you can come and work on it on UFO Wed. at the Studio! You can then have help if you are not sure of a certain step..(We can all help each other to complete a block each month!)

The block you will make will give you lots of experience making some of the frequently used block techniques you will experience as you advance through your quilt making experience.

Here are a couple photo's of fabric ideas...just remember any fabric will work!

Come check it out!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

UFO Wed.!

UFO WED. Saw 6 ladies dropping in to share their ideas, inspirations, and knowledge with each other. Several ladies were busy preparing for the Mini Workshop that Jocelyn is leading on the 22nd. Of this month at the CLQDO. There are definitely going to be some really interesting and attractive outcomes!

One quilter brought her sewing machine and broke into her UFO bin!....She quickly chose a project and started working on it. By the end of the day she had her table runner sandwiched,..and quilted! Yah! Now she just needs to work on her 6 place mats and a long awaiting project will find it's way to the table!!

Deb brought her nearly completed quilt top she is making for her grand daughter and selected 2 border fabrics and as soon as she has these sew on she will be ready to quilt!

I worked on the binding for a community quilt.

Everyone appeared to enjoy their afternoon, and are looking forward to next Wed. Several people indicating that they will bring their sewing machines next time. I have extra tables that I set up in the studio so that there is ample room for everyone!

So in the mean time...happy quilting everyone! It definitely looks like a good week to sew! It is really nippy outside! I will keep the wood fire if you want to drop up and
see me...come on up! Bring your machine!...the fire will be warm, the kettle on the stove and yes there are some muffins left over ready to be enjoyed!

Stay warm!...happy Quilting! Pamela.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ahh! to have a Studio!!

A most enjoyed space!..not to mention the newest addition to my home the new Avante' Quilting machine and frame! 

At last room for everything..and a little place to make a quick cup of tea too!

On a cold winters day nothing like a warm fire to cuddle up to!

This is a beautiful Quilt that I quilted on my new Quilting machine for a friend. I wish the photo's would better show you the detailed quilting.  

It is a "Block of the Month Sampler Quilt" so I quilted each of the 12 block differently as I felt they spoke to me...

The diagonal log cabin blocks and the outer borders were quilted in a large feather design.

As the fabric for this quilt was somewhat a heritage type fabric with large roses and soft but rich colours I felt that the feathers added to the classic feeling...

the back of the quilt showing the detail of one of the blocks. The ultra fine micro stippling helped to create a three D effect to help emphasize the blocks character.

Looking forward to putting the next quilt on the frame!!

Fabric! More Fabric!

Willow and I had a delightful day on Friday as she helped me put onto the shelves 11 more bolts of beautiful new Batiks!!

After carefully selecting the "perfect place" to put each bolt it was decided that we should count the bolts of batiks....149 bolts of a rainbow of delightful and gorgeous time we will count the Asian fabrics, the flannels, the blenders, and all the rest she tells me!