Sunday, October 2, 2011

Supper King in "Black and White!"

This Awesome Quilt was made by Kim! ...she asked me to quilt it for her as  it would have been quite a task quilting it on her home sewing machine as the finished top measured out as a Supper King size ...measuring a 13.50 ft. in width, and aprox. 14.5 ft. in length!

Kim had a quilting design picked out and I just had to follow the ideas and go with it!

 On the wide "black on black" print that bordered the quilt top,bottom and sides, I chose a free motion geometric style design that was both fun and quite effective!

It was a real pleasure to have the experience of quilting this quilt!

Kim with her completed quilted top!

All Quilted!

Free motion Geometric design on the wide borders top,bottom and sides.

A Beautiful Butterfly stopped to take a closer look and have a little rest!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are great!! At least all of the beautiful stitching you did is showcased! A big job it was and you did a beaautiful job of finishing the "beast" for me......not to mention all of my boo-boo's that you took such care to repair.I can't thank you enough niece and her husband love it!

Pamela said...

Kim I was so happy to do this for you! Thank your for your Kind Words1