Thursday, October 13, 2011

UFO Wed.

Another busy day! sewers,shoppers, and visitors!

One visitor dropped by and her home town is Squamish! It was great fun meeting Grace!...Grace visits Houston on occasion as she has family living here so we hope she will beable to join us for a UFO Wed. And a Quilters Day Out at the Library!..Grace is a member of a Quilting group in Squamish and brought in two exciting and beautiful Quilted items.

Betty visited the little shop for the first time also! Welcome!! I hope she visits again some time on a UFO Wed.

Karen was busy working on a lovely Quilted Bag, and Airiyel stopped by and did some sewing also! Granddaughter Mettea hung out and enjoyed the cookies and juice!

Everyone who dropped in were eligible to put their name into the UFO Wed. Draw,...

The winner of the draw this week was Mattea...and Ena!(Mattea who is only 2 was happy to share this weeks prize!)

The draw prize was .25 meters of fabric from the discount fabric table! congratulations Ena!!

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