Saturday, February 4, 2012

Announcing the 1st. Annual "In Stitches" Quilter's Challenge!

Ready to Quilt away the Feb. Blahs?! Well here is a fun challenge to help you stimulate your capabilities!
May I Present the First Annual 
In Stitches Quilt Challenge!

Theme:  Where the Wilderness Beckons!


1- Kits are available from "In Stitches" for the cost of $10.00 and consist of 3 fat quarters. They are available
Feb. 7th. at the Studio. 

2- Fabric Use:  All 3 of the fabrics in the kit must be clearly visible on the front of the wall quilt. You may use 5 additional fabrics of your own choosing. Any fabric of your choice may be used on the back.

3-Size: Perimeter of the finished piece must not be larger than 120"- no matter what the shape. There is no minimum size.( ie.. 30"wide. by 30" tall would equal 120" perimeter.)

4-Design: may be original or traditional and any combination of machine and/or hand piecing, applique' or quilting is permitted. Embellishments are at the quilter's choice.

5-Finishing: The wall quilt must be completely finished, including all aspects of quilting, binding, and needlework/embroidery.

6-Hanging Sleeve: at least 2" wide, on the back of the wall quilt.

7- Label: on the back of the wall quilt to include: title; creators name; date completed; and credits. For any techniques that are not your own, please give credit to the source, and obtain written permission if using another person's design. Please remember to respect copyright.

8-Deadlines: Wall quilts are due Oct. 6th. 2012 to be eligible for judging. and must meet all the challenge rules. 

 9-Judging will be made by secret ballet by the viewing public. Judging to commence on or about Oct. 10th. 2012 and ending on Dec. 1st. 2012

1st. place will receive $60.00 gift certificate from In Stitches
2n. place will receive  $30.00 gift certificate from In Stitches
3rd. place will receive $15.00 gift certificate from In Stitches.

Quilters note:
Photos of all wall quilts and the name of their creator will  will be posted on this blog, and in participating in this challenge you give your permission for the quilt you contributed and your name to be posted.

10- All wall quilts become the property of "In Stitches" and will be sold by silent action on or before Dec. 15th. 2012. You may bid on your own quilt if you so choose.  
Silent Auction bid sheets will be available on Dec. 1st. 2012. 

All proceeds from the silent auction will go to a local community group or groups to help a family and/or family's in need. 
The amount collected and where the funds went will be announced on this blog page by Dec. 31st. 2012

So put on your thinking caps!! Sharpen your designers pencils and lets see what we can all have fun creating, and in the process see how we can help in the community once again!

You can come and begin picking up your quilt kits on Tuesday, February 7th.! 

If you need me to mail them to you, please contact me by phone and we will make the arrangements for delivery.

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Caroline Heinrichs said...

Cool idea Pam! I'm linking this post with BV Modern Quilt Guild blog to get the word out locally.I'll pop in soon, what are your hours?